Sir Trevor McDonald calls Monty a “Champion Of the People” as he has Made A Difference to the lives of many people. He warns, “Beware of scams (Google it first) and con persons, If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

In 1999 Monty published his book The Mortgage Bible where he laid bare the scams within the Mortgage and banking industries. His advice today is not to take the easy route by walking into your local bank when taking out a mortgage but to seek advice from a reputable IFA. Why? The banks will only offer you their own products which may not be the most suitable for your needs, whereas an IFA can offer a range of mortgage products from the whole of the market.

Monty has championed for consumer and business rights for 20 years. If you think Monty can help you contact him.

20th Nov 2017 The Germans are infighting so it isn’t just we Brits that can’t happy a happy “party”! With the Trump admin in a spin, the only real democracy nowadays is North Korea :)

And to think our everyday lives revolve around these politicians!