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How to Solve Money Problems

“When Trust Really Matters”

How to solve money problems
The first thing is to recognise that you have money problems.
You wouldn’t believe how many people bury their heads in the sand. These “ostriches” are in denial and I’d like to think you are not one of these species.
Ignoring debt can lead to much bigger problems so deal with it.

How to deal with debt
The first thing to do once you’ve taken responsibility for the debt/s is download the FREE Money Master.

When you’ve filled in the blanks on Money Master you’ll see the areas highlighted that have contributed to your problem. No guess work, just a clear picture.
Right now you probably can’t imagine it; but you’ll be in a much stronger position to deal with your debts. You’ll feel relieved that at last you have some control over how best to deal with the debts.

What if you need help with Money Master?
Naturally using Money Master will be a lot easier for some than others. The main reason being, is that those using a credit or debit card for all their spending can refer to their bank statements making it quick and easy to fill in the blanks.
With cash it can be laborious as you must ask for and keep all your receipts; but you only need to complete Money Master once to get the picture.
Volunteer Money Master agents If I could complete all the Money Master sheets for you, I would love to. This is not possible due to time constraints so I must share with others my vision, my mission to Stop poverty. So what I’m doing is recruiting agents from 16 yrs upward to help those who might struggle. Yes it is true that the vast majority of people will think it’s easy; especially those that have used a credit/debit card and online banking. All the info. you need is at your fingertips.
Hold on, does using cash exclude those from using Money Master? No it certainly does not! What it does do is make the exercise of completing Money Master more time consuming. There are basically four parts to getting your money problems and debt under control using cash payments.
First is to collect every receipt or keep records from shops, transport, dental, hairdressing, pet food and vet bills and also your utilities (gas, electric and water). Second is to write down the amounts for each item in Money Master, third is to review the result and last is take the necessary action. Trust me it’s easy.
The ACTION you have to take is to ensure you pay all your Essentials as outlined in Money Master. From the Non essentials (NE’s) list make the difficult decisions of what you can do without or reduce. Most people don’t realize how much they really spend on NE’s and how easy it is for these to hurtle out of control.
Three Non Essentials to think about carefully – My guess is the majority of people would be dismayed how much they spend on smoking, drinking and gambling. Back in the day smoking used to be the norm for the vast majority of people until the Govt put the squeeze on pub smoking and increased prices. Those that do smoke now need to review how much they spend in a week at C £11/pkt.
Almost everyone in the UK used to have a cuppa (Cup of tea) when you got back home, now it’s alcohol. So, as it seems the majority drink alcohol, more frequently and of course at increased cost; is yet another NE to be considered carefully.
Then there’s gambling – It used to be men going to the bookies on a Saturday until the Govt opened the floodgates letting many young kids bet Online and almost encouraged them to buy scratch cards and use one arm bandits, quite an apt name.
I’m sure you’ve noticed scratch cards are always located by the till to entice you to buy them.
Many kids have Online betting accounts to the extent we are a gambling nation where one in three people gamble.
People don’t realise that the Lottery, bingo, scratch cards, and radio “competitions” (Average £2.0 a call) are all classed as gambling. Gambling suits the Treasury as the revenue it lost from smokers had to be replaced. Just like smoking and drinking gambling can be bad for both your health and your wealth.
For those “few” that are interested in stats, C14% smoke, C55% drink alcohol and C45% gamble in the UK.
Check out my next blog to see the magic of Money Master the life changing tool.